study environment and remodeling

• This means that mining operations are accompanied by a morphological and landscaping reconstruction of areas as they become affected, which consists inremodelling of the terrain and subsequent planting of indigenous trees and shrubs so as to create the bestpossible environmental conditions for their correct re-establishment in the area, and for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

• Seeking to optimize its exploitation of "Marmorino" deposits over the years, the company has alwayslooked to develop new excavation techniques, agreeing timescales and methods of cultivation withthe competent authorities. This has enabled procurementof the long-term authorizations needed to meetmarket demand.

The company has always
approached cultivation
bymaking a careful study
of the environment
in which its
projects are based.

Innovation, quality and


Ros Giacomo & figli srl has invest in the support of the continuously growing strategy and having better industrial performances and product’s competitivity. This are only a few reasons why company has invest huge resources in the product’s manufacturing line favoring all the solutions that permits reaching its efficiency, quality and environmentally friendly products.

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