The main sectors of use for "marmorino" grade calcium carbonate are:

• Paints and varnishes, powder coatings;
• plastics;
• adhesives;
• tyre rubbers, tubes, sheaths, cables;
• detergents;
• glass and automobile windows, optical instruments, glassware and special types of glass used to manufacture photovoltaic panels; livestock feeds;
• animal husbandry;
• buildingproducts;

• sealants;
• paper;
• environmental protection products;
• food, pharmaceutical,cosmetics and chemicals industries.

Quality and purity
for every sector!

Innovation, quality and


Ros Giacomo & figli srl has invest in the support of the continuously growing strategy and having better industrial performances and product’s competitivity. This are only a few reasons why company has invest huge resources in the product’s manufacturing line favoring all the solutions that permits reaching its efficiency, quality and environmentally friendly products.

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