The following materials are mined from our quarries:

• white ”Marmorino” calcium carbonate, subsequently crushed, dried, ground and micronized in the company's own processing facilities.

• calcareous surface rock with a high carbonate content, which is crushed and screened on site and sold in variouspiece sizes for building and road construction, lime and cement production, preparation of premix plasters, metallurgicalprocesses and sugar refining.

Materials are won by
both open cast
and undergroundmethods,
using machinery
of the latest generation.

Innovation, quality and


Ros Giacomo & figli srl has invest in the support of the continuously growing strategy and having better industrial performances and product’s competitivity. This are only a few reasons why company has invest huge resources in the product’s manufacturing line favoring all the solutions that permits reaching its efficiency, quality and environmentally friendly products.

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