1925-2015... a history spanning 90 years!

• Ros Giacomo & Figli was incorporated in 1925 when GiacomoRos, proprietor of an old-established flour mill in Fratta di Caneva(Pordenone), built a factory near Ponte della Muda (Treviso) forcrushing and grinding minerals, starting with the installation of twoPalmanti machines driven directly by hydraulic power utilizingwater from the River Meschio.

• In the early years, given the limited demand and the debatablequality of the machinery, production was restricted to a fewhundred kilos daily, and ceased almost completely during theSecond World War.Nonetheless, it was at this time that the company began to gainrecognition in Italy and abroad.

In 1925 Mr GiacomoRos,
built a factory
for crushing and
grinding minerals

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